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Hi everyone, this is what I have been putting together to form my own website. I make it in the hope that someone will find it interesting or maybe useful.

About me

My name is Maria Blackmore, I live in South Wales with a whole bunch of cuddly toys. We live in a small semi-detached house on the side of a valley, which gives me a nice view.

I am 38 years old at the moment, I guess this makes me officially old. I am 5 foot 6 inches tall. I weigh far too much, so don't even think about asking that. My hair is long and a kind of dark chestnut colour, and my eyes are very very blue, apparently they scare people. My hair likes to attack things within about a foot of my head, including my head, rumour has it that it parts company from my head at night and hunts small animals.

I am a network fairy, which means I fix things that break and try to make the network a network and not a notwork. On an average day I try to fix more things than I break.

You can contact me by email at maria at cats dot meow dot at, I am sure you can figure out what to do with that to make it work. If you would like to post me something, please let me know and I might give you my postal address

Thanks for visiting me,


This page and its contents are copyright Maria Blackmore 2011, don't nick them. If you wish to quote from this page you are free to do so, but I wish to place the condition that you provide a link back to here so that the comment may be seen in context, I also request that you email me to let me know.